Ada Shebanova - Piano TeacherIn her 20 year music career in Ukraine,
Mrs. Shebanova was written about in local newspapers and recognized throughout the city of Kiev. She was frequently invited to lead master piano classes.

In 1995, Ms. Shebanova and her family moved to Indianapolis, Indiana, where she started her own piano school. In her school, Ms. Shebanova teaches private and group piano lessons, theory, music literature and pedagogy to students of all ages and
musical backgrounds. Her students enjoy weekly piano lessons and regularly participate in music recitals and
competitions. The list of competitions includes major Indiana state and worldwide competitions and recitals such as, Hoosier Audition, World Piano Competition, IPTA, IPTG, National Guild, Maitenee Musicale, IMTNA and more. Her students frequently place 1st and 2nd or receive honorable mentions at these competitions.

One of her students, Jingxuan Zhang, has received the Grand Prize at the World Piano Competition two years in a row. Her students have performed at Carnegie Hall in New York City. Ms. Shebanova is also a member of numerous piano and music teaching organizations.

Ms. Shebanova has students who pursue music as a career after graduation. One of her students, Haruka Nakashima, has graduated with a Bachelors degree in Piano Performance from Indiana University and will pursue her Masters there as well. Ms. Shebanova provides pedagogy classes for students that are interested in learning and want to engage in music pedagogy further. Some of her students have even started teaching students on their own under Ms. Shebanova’s supervision.

Together with colleagues, she has organized and published a music theory book for all levels. Ms. Shebanova continues to teach as well as learn and grow with her students in the important and exciting world of piano music.

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